Creating a Home

It is no secret – or at least I don’t mean it to be – that I am a depressed and anxious pile of goo. A pile of goo with worth and meaning, but, nonetheless, a pile of goo. Short back story for some context for this week’s post: It was 2014 and I was... Continue Reading →

An Ode to the Misfits

To all you who might read this blog and make Emma Watson's face which I have made the feature image: Recently I watched the movie, The Circle. It was a garbage movie. I’m sorry, but I am also not. This film, man... Emma Watson plays a surprisingly dense young woman who bows down to a dystopian... Continue Reading →


Right now, I am sitting on our love seat looking out our window. It is snowing and has been for about 6 hours now. The snow is now reflecting enough light to turn the sky into a sort of bruised purple. My twinkle lights I left over from Christmas to try and stretch goodness are... Continue Reading →

I Was Scared

August 7, 2017 There are not words good enough, full enough, or quiet enough to explain how it feels to sit with three parentless boys on a train. Two of the boys can’t understand a thing you say and you can’t understand them (they arrived days before), the other a chatty, maybe-18 year-old who just... Continue Reading →

Es ist mir egal!

It was a special thing. One of those things that makes life’s colors so much more vibrant and deeper. Sitting next to a parentless, Somali refugee boy by the age of 17, in a boys’ home, in Austria, so you can teach him German. He laughed as I sassed him for trying to read too... Continue Reading →

To Germany With Love

Often, since being here, people will ask me where I learned German. This weird, American girl is tromping all over their land speaking a strange, American hybrid of high-German, and she knows when to use formal and informal terms. They’re like, What? I usually end up telling the story of how I lived in Germany... Continue Reading →

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